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Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski




Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski


DJ Duo Patrick Gottfried & Perry Patelski

The German-Dutch duo are currently an upcoming electronic producer and DJ’s that enjoy global recognition. The two are experienced deejays and producers from Aachen-Maastricht, have completed a rewarding transition from debut release in 2018 called Elements, to starting their own Techno Label T-Records in 2019. The key to Gottfried & Patelski success lies within their powerful and inventive sound of the highest quality. Their tracks have an impressive capacity to fuel dance floors and huge arenas with energy and drive. They had several releases charted in the Betport Techno 100 Chart. Their successes have led to them being ask to collaborate with well known global producers like Ayako Mori, Ghool and many more to come. Every party is full with fans due to their ability to play different sounds for every moment on the dance floor and effortlessly swaying from house to techno.

Patrick Gottfried aka DJ Djuke

Patrick is born in 1984 and plays as DJ since 2000 on many events - Indoor & Outdoor Festivals, Halls, Clubs & Discotheques in Germany, Netherland and Belgium with different pseudonyms (DJ Djuke, Patrick Gottfried).
Since 2005 he started building the Music Studio (Adrenaline Vibes) and works as producer. In 2018 there is his new Musical Love calls TECHNO!
Thats the beginning of the alias Patrick Gottfried.
Between own Record Productions, DJ Sets and for the first time Live Gigs with his Analog Studio Gear he looks forward to a productive future!

At T-Records, he is the co-owner, studio owner, producer and handles most of the tasks that come up during song prdouction.

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Perry Patelski

In the early 90’s Perry Patelski visited a lot of illegal house/rave and techno parties. It didn’t take that long before he started to buy his own vinyl records and stept into the world of dj'ing. In 1994 he started organizing parties in Valkenburg and Heerlen with some local DJ's and started to performing at bigger raves parties.
Nowadays the circle is round for Perry and is going back to his roots. With starting up the record label T-RECORDS in 2019, Perry is again expanding his horizon and is exited to see where the future will bring him.

At T-Records he is the label owner and DJ. Together with Patrick he works on regular releases.

Rebecca Jauck

Rebecca has studied media informatics and has known Patrick all her life. Through this connection she became part of the team and supports T-Records with management and booking requests as well as media and marketing tasks.

She loves listening to a lot of music from different genres and was able to learn a lot about digitalization of music during her studies. Otherwise she works as CX/UX consultant and has a lot of experience in product development and project management.


Please feel free to contact us for all topics related to techno music, dj bookings, partnerships, cooperations, collaborations
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Simply great studio! Super sympathetic and professional person who is there with all his heart. The end result is just great and I can only recommend everyone to visit the studio! ❤ Thanks again for the heartfelt, that really meant a lot to me 5/5 stars.

Due to the musical cooperation with Adrenaline Vibes (T-Records Studio Cooperation), I can chat out of the sewing box! It is produced to the point in a great atmosphere, relaxed, consultative, because attention is paid to the wishes / ideas with which you come there! Production and mastering from competent hand! Absolutely recommendable, makes mega fun and hammer results! Thanks!!!

I can only recommend Adrenaline Vibes Music Productions (T-Records Studio Cooperation)!!! We have been working together for a couple of months and the mood never gets worse, on the contrary, even better! The producer has a very high level of knowledge and material! You can not fall better! Thanks for everything! I can only recommend it! 👌